Website Redesign 2023

I rebuilt my website with a fresh new look (finally, a dark mode). Few months ago, I migrated it to plain HTML pages. I'm good with it, but I feel it's not giving off a good impression.

Anyways, site is all fancy again, inspired by the various websites that I found interesting. It is static generated just like the previous iteration, built with Nuxt, Tailwind, and Vue version tres, then deployed to Netlify.

Dark mode
Light mode


Got a couple of domains for myself lately. I had few years ago, but someone got it after I didn't renew. Then I bought for this website, but not everything I post is tech related. So, I got and because I still can't reclaim the first domain. I'll be using for now and have the other ones redirect.

I recommend Hover if you want to get a domain — it is really simple to use and WHOIS privacy is included.


Remaking my site was fun. I learned new things in Vue 3 and the Composition API, which I think is nicer than the original Options API. Vue also made animating easy, so I added a few page and element transitions to spice things up.

It's easy to build Vue websites with Nuxt. The third major version was released a few months ago and it runs on top of Vue 3. I find the documentation lacking and a bit confusing, so I had to do lots of web searches to resolve the issues I had.

For the design, I used Tailwind CSS. It has become my go to CSS framework as it has sensible constraints that make it easy to create well-designed and responsive components. Plus, it is tiny and works flawlessly with Nuxt.

I've decided to try out Netlify for this project and it's amazing how simple the deployment was. The Starter tier seems good enough, so I'll switch over to it and stop my current VPS subscriptions.

Wrap Up

I plan to write more this year and put up contents that could help me out on my career. I've neglected my website since moving to the States and have been quite busy sorting out my life and career.